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Christopher Wool Interview with Artnet News

Universal Limited Art Editions is pleased to highlight Christopher Wool’s recent interview with Artnet News in honor of the opening of the artist’s new exhibition “Christopher Wool” at Xavier Hufkens St-Georges gallery. 

Christopher Wool’s interview with Artnet News

Included in the show are Wool’s three portfolios recently published with ULAE. Untitled 1, 2, and 3 capture the artist’s expressive line and mark-making in an intimate, small scale. These innovative works invite the viewer in for a closer look, revealing layer upon layer of gestural line and inkblot-like forms that create a dimensionality rare for a work on paper.

The new portfolios of prints are currently on view through July 2022 at Xavier Hufkens St-Georges gallery as part of Christopher Wool’s solo exhibition.