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Carmen Herrera T-Shirts at UNIQLO

Universal Limited Art Editions is pleased to highlight UNIQLO's unique opportunity to partner with The Museum of Modern Art for the Color & Rhythm Collection in celebration of the new MoMA. This new collection of UNIQLO UT Graphic Tees includes two Carmen Herrera prints published by ULAE.

View the Color & Rhythm Collection online

Lead by the MoMA curatorial team, UNIQLO was excited to learn more about the Latin American artists that would be on view, especially by the opportunity to collaborate with Carmen Herrera, an artist the brand has wanted to include in a collection since SPRZ NY started. UNIQLO chose Equilibrio and Verde y Negro because the prints were a strong representation of Herrera's body of work and the Neo-Concrete movement.

The Color & Rhythm Collection marks the second time that UNIQLO has launched a product collection to align with the works on view at MoMA. UNIQLO proudly brings the New MoMA experience to customers while celebrating the Museum's ongoing commitment to collecting and exhibiting Latin American art.

For more information about Carmen Herrera prints or any editions published by ULAE, please contact or call 631-665-2291.