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Susan Rothenberg

February 2017

A collection of Susan Rothenberg's work comes together at Skidmore Gallery to create a unique viewing experience. Some notable works featured are Four Green Lines, 1984 and Between the Eyes, 1983-84. These two were breakthroughs for the artist as she discovered how to erase. Although these prints are lithograph woodcut, using this technique allowed her to work from dark to light, finding her images and figures within an established ground. Between the Eyes was also her first print to incorporate woodcut.

Rothenberg continued with her experimentation and pushed herself to new levels of discovery, with Missing Corners, 1984. The print resulted from a piece of wood she found, carved, and brought to ULAE. This then led to prints such as Black Water, 1985-86, and Stumblebum, 1986. Both images began with Rothenberg applying ink onto stones with her fingers, and removing it as she saw fit to enhance the image. Rothenberg then moved on to dedicating three years at ULAE to mezzotint, accomplishing four editions: Yellow Spinner, 1988; Three Parts, 1987-88; Mezzo Fist #1, 1990; and Mezzo Fist #2, 1990.