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Orly Genger, What It All Comes Down To, 2008

What It All Comes Down To, 2008

Lithograph in 9 colors
on Arches Cover white paper
Hand torn to 30 1/8 in. x 44 7/8 in. (76.52 cm x 113.98 cm)
Edition of 32

About the Artist

B. 1979 Orly Genger earned her BA from Brown University. She had her first solo exhibition in New York at Elizabeth Dee Gallery and has been included in a number of group exhibitions at The International Artists' Museum in Venice, Italy, the Haifa Museum in Israel, and Exit Art, Stefan Stux Gallery and Rare Gallery in New York.

Genger has established herself primarily as a sculptor. Her objects of all sizes are results of hours of crocheting yarn, rope, elastic and any other threading material that might pass her way. The difference between Genger and the traditional needle worker making scarves and sweaters is that she uses her fingers as the needle. One day, noticing the natural movement of the needle, Genger dispensed of the tool and began using her fingers, narrowing the distance between ideation and implementation. Once finished her sculptures provide information for her quest to find a unique shape that may not already exist in nature. Bill Goldston invited Genger to ULAE early in 2003 to begin to explore the possibilities of translating her quest for unique shapes and images to printmaking.

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